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Boost your production with SASinno's cutting-edge soldering solutions. Achieve perfect solder joints, lower costs, and increase throughput with our eco-efficient and precise machines. Join industry leaders transforming their manufacturing lines with our innovative technology.

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Selective Soldering Machines

Refine Your Soldering with Unmatched Precision

Elevate your assembly line with our Selective Soldering Machines, designed for unmatched precision and flexibility. From the compact Ant-i1 to the versatile MAS-i4, each model is engineered to deliver flawless solder joints on even the most complex PCBs. Embrace efficiency and quality with Sasinno's advanced technology.

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Wave Solder Machines

Enhance Throughput with Advanced Wave Soldering

Discover the next level of efficiency with our Wave Solder Machines, tailored for high-volume production. Models like the iWA-450L and eWA-600 combine rapid throughput with exceptional solder quality, ensuring every board meets the highest standards. Optimize your operations with Sasinno's innovative wave soldering technology.

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Soldering Robots

Precision and Efficiency with Soldering Robots

Step into the future of soldering with our Soldering Robots. The iBot-1 and iBot-2 are at the forefront of automation, offering unparalleled accuracy and consistency for intricate soldering tasks. Ideal for repetitive or delicate operations, these robots enhance quality and efficiency on your production floor.

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