Selective Soldering Machines

Explore Our Range of Selective Soldering Solutions for Precision and Efficiency

Ant i1 main

Ant-i1 — Offline Selective Soldering System

Ideal for low-volume, high-mix production, the Ant-i1 offers exceptional flexibility and precision in offline soldering tasks.

Ant i2 main

Ant-i2 — Compact Selective Soldering Unit

The MAS-i2 stands out for its inline efficiency, advanced fluxing, and precise soldering, which make it perfect for dynamic manufacturing environments.

Mas i2 main

MAS-i2 — Inline Precision Soldering Solution

Compact and versatile, the Ant-i2 easily delivers top-notch selective soldering for small to medium-sized production runs.

Mas i22 1 main

MAS-i22/1 — Dual-Pot Selective Soldering Machine

Dual-pot functionality in the MAS-i22/1 allows for exceptional flexibility and efficiency in handling diverse soldering applications.

Mas i24 1 main

MAS-i24/1 — Quad-Nozzle Advanced Soldering Unit

Featuring quad-nozzle technology, the MAS-i24/1 excels in high-speed, precision soldering, setting a new standard for large-scale production.

Mas i4 main

MAS-i4 — High-Performance Inline Soldering System

The MAS-i4 brings high-throughput inline soldering to the forefront, equipped with cutting-edge technology for unparalleled performance.

Flex i2 main

FLEX-i2 — Flexible Soldering Workstation

Designed for adaptability, the FLEX-i2 combines flexible soldering capabilities with user-friendly operation for various assembly needs.

Unit i1 main

Unit-i1 — Modular Soldering Machine

The Unit-i1 modular system is engineered for seamless integration into existing lines, offering reliable soldering with minimal footprint.

Unit i4 main

Unit-i4 — Advanced Multi-Axis Soldering Station

With its multi-axis precision, the Unit-i4 is the go-to choice for complex soldering tasks requiring accuracy and control.