Advanced Flexibility and Precision with Ant-i2

The Ant-i2 is a next-generation selective selective soldering machine designed for unparalleled efficiency in high-volume offline production. Ideal for small PCBs and flexible enough for larger boards, the Ant-i2 combines competitive cost with advanced features. Utlizing a single solder pot with two pumps/nozzles, precise drop jet fluxer, and optional dual-zone preheating, this machine ensures optimal soldering quality and throughput on your production floor.

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Key Features of the Ant-i2 Machine

The Ant-i2 stands out with its innovative features tailored for high efficiency and precision:

  • Drop jet fluxer for precise pinpoint flux application
  • Bottom IR preheater with an optional top convection preheater
  • Dual simultaneous soldering of PCBs up to 350mm x 215mm
  • Powered by a user-friendly Windows 10 OS
  • Standard with wave height calibration and real-time process monitoring for consistent quality
  • Three axes servo drive
Boost your production efficiency and quality with the advanced capabilities of the Ant-i2. Reach out now for more information and to schedule a live demonstration tailored to your production needs.
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Ant-i2 Specifications:

Operating power/Max power:
PCB dimension:
50x50---350x450mm (when use only one solder nozzle), 50x50---350x215mm (when use two wave nozzles parallely)
Machine dimension:
W1260mm x D1640mm X H1895mm
Net weight:
Power supply:
3PH 380V 50HZ MAX 34A Equip 40A contactor in factory
Air supply:
3-5 bars
Exhausting required:
Industrial PC:
Typical Program Time:
10 Minutes
Program method:
Draw path in scanned picture of board
Controlling system:
Axes of Motion:
X, Y, Z
Motion Control:
Servo motors for X,Y,Z
Position Accuracy:
+ / - 0.05mm
Flux Nozzle type:
Drop jet nozzle made in Germany
Flux nozzle number:
2 sets
Flux Capacity:
IR heater:
Standard Solder Stations:
Solder Pot Capacity:
35 kgs
Solder Temperature Control:
Heat-Up Time:
About 50mins
Solder Pot heater:
380 ℃
Solder Pot heater:
Solder level alarm:
Wave tunnel:
two individually
Wave control:
servo motor, mechanical pump
Mini Wave Nozzles:
Dia 4, 6,8,10,12mm
Customized nozzle:
Nozzle Material:
Proprietary Alloy
N2 heater:
Standard Equipped
N2 Temp PID Control Range:
0 - 350℃
N2 Consumption per Nozzle:
1.5m3/H Total need: 3m3/H (Recommend to connect with Selmate-4 N2 generator)
Required N2 Purity: