Wave Solder Machines

Experience Top-tier Efficiency and Consistency with Our Wave Soldering Technology

Ewa 450 main

eWA-450/600 — Lead-Free Wave Soldering Innovation

Step into the future of wave soldering with the eWA-450/600. Its innovative design and comprehensive control features, like the stepper motor-driven sprayer and automated operations, ensure high efficiency and superior solder quality.

Iwa 600 main

IWA-450/600 — Lead-Free Wave Solder Machine

The IWA-450/600 offers a robust and precise wave soldering solution with its PC+PLC control system, multiple preheating zones, and a high-quality stepper motor-driven sprayer, ensuring consistent and optimal soldering across all your projects.

Iwa series main

iWA-450L/600L Intelligent Wave Solder

Designed for high-performance wave soldering, the IWA-450L/600L series combines advanced PC & PLC controls with a servo-driven sprayer and unique fluxing functions to significantly enhance your soldering efficiency and quality.