The Ultimate Experience in Precision and Control with the IWA-450/600

The IWA-450/600 is designed for those who need robust and precise wave soldering capabilities. Featuring a PC+PLC control system and a high-quality stepper motor-driven spray fluxer, this machine provides optimal control over your soldering process. With three bottom and one top preheating zones, dual wave solder pots, and a heavy-duty titanium conveyor, it ensures consistent soldering results across a wide range of PCB sizes.

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Key Specifications of the IWA-450/600

Equipped with state-of-the-art control systems and multiple preheating zones, the IWA-450/600 ensures precise and consistent soldering. Explore the extensive features that make this machine a leader in wave soldering technology.

  • Dual control system using PC and PLC for maximum reliability.
  • Stepper motor-driven spray fluxer for precise flux application.
  • Multiple preheating zones for comprehensive thermal management.
  • Dual wave solder pots for increased flexibility.
  • Programable solder pot height reduces need for manual adjustment.
  • Heavy-duty titanium conveyor for enduring performance.
  • Supports PCBs up to 450mm in width.
Enhance your production capabilities with the precision and versatility of the IWA-450/600. Reach out now for more information and to schedule a live demonstration tailored to your production needs.
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