Meet High-Volume Demands with MAS-i22/1 Efficiency

The MAS-i22/1 is engineered to fulfill maximum throughput soldering requirements with unparalleled efficiency. This inline machine is ideal for operations demanding high throughput and flexibility, featuring a dual lane conveyor system and four individual solder pots capable of processing four boards simultaneously. With the capability to expand to six pots and support heavy boards up to 20kg, the MAS-i22/1 adapts to a wide range of production needs. Real-time monitoring ensure precision and quality in every solder joint.

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MAS-i22/1's High-Performance Soldering Features

Leverage the full potential of the MAS-i22/1's features to maximize your production volume: 

  • Dual rail conveyor accommodating boards up to W320mm x L508mm for simultaneous processing
  • Four individual solder pots, expandable to six, for maximum versatility
  • Capacity to solder four boards concurrently, maximizing throughput
  • Handles PCBs up to 20kgs
  • Flexible conveyor usage, allowing for single or dual-lane operation accommodates most diverse production requirements
  • Handles PCB sizes up to W508mm x L508mm
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use Windows 10 based software
  • Real-time process monitoring to maintain consistent high-quality soldering results
Scale your soldering operations effectively with the high-capacity MAS-i22/1. Reach out now for more information and to schedule a live demonstration tailored to your production needs..
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