Upgrade Your Soldering Process with MAS-i2 Precision & Efficiency

Discover the pinnacle of soldering innovation with the MAS-i2 Inline Selective Soldering Machine, a marvel of engineering designed to integrate seamlessly into your manufacturing line. This compact yet powerful machine combines three critical soldering processes into one, delivering unparalleled flexibility, precision, and efficiency to your production floor.

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Explore MAS-i2's Pioneering Features

The MAS-i2 blends precision fluxing, advanced thermal management, and efficient board handling to revolutionize selective soldering. 

  • Drop jet fluxer standard, with an option for two
  • Bottom IR preheater with top convection preheater
  • 2 solder pots with individual Z-axis
  • 3 section conveyor
  • Fixed PCB with moving solder pot/fluxer
  • All-one flux, preheating and soldering
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use Windows 10 based software
  • Wave height calibration standard
  • Real-time soldering process monitor
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