Maximize Your Productivity with MAS-i4's Unparalleled Flexibility and Throughput

The MAS-i4 leads the way in selective soldering for small boards, offering unparalleled flexibility and throughput. With dual drop jet fluxers, comprehensive preheating zones, and two solder pots, each boasting dual wave tunnels, this system is designed to maximize your production efficiency. The MAS-i4's advanced servo tables and conveyor systems ensure precise handling and soldering, while its Windows 10 operating system and real-time monitoring uphold the highest quality standards.

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Key Features Elevating MAS-i4 Above the Rest

The MAS-i4 is equipped with innovative features to boost your soldering productivity:

  • Two standard drop jet fluxers, offering the ability to use dual flux types or enhance throughput with identical flux
  • Bottom IR and top convection preheating zones for optimal PCB preheat
  • Four selective wave tunnels across two individual solder pots allows simultaneous soldering of multiple boards
  • Three-section conveyor system with a fixed PCB pathway for efficient board transport
  • Advanced flux and solder tables with X/Y/Z motion for accurate and repeatable soldering
  • Windows 10 OS and intuitive software
  • Wave height calibration and a real-time process monitoring to ensure consistent soldering quality
Maximize your efficiency in small board soldering with the innovative MAS-i4. Reach out now for more information and to schedule a live demonstration tailored to your production needs.
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